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Juniper Aromatherapie

“June and moon pair perfectly to bring in the ideal romance with warm days and clear nights, just like Juniper and its essential oil, known as ‘the mover of fluids’ work wholly to get rid of the toxic remains and excess fluid in your system, so that you fall in love with yourself again and again.”

The essential oil distilled from the juniper berries is a transparent liquid having a fresh, woodsy-balsamic and somewhat sweet fragrance. This oil has an intense, naturally grown, forest-like aroma and it combines well with several other natural oils. Use of juniper essential oil is believed to induce emotions regarding love, good health and harmony. Many people usually prefer using this natural oil in diffusers of humidifiers with a view to fill the atmosphere with its pleasant scent.

Juniper is a coniferous plant belonging to the genus Juniperus of the cypress (Cupressaceae) plant family. From the taxonomic point of view, there are around 50 to 67 different species of juniper that are extensively spread all over the northern hemisphere – right from Arctic, southward to tropical Africa in the Old World, and to the Central American mountainous regions. The juniper plants may differ in their shape and size growing anything between 20 m to 40 m in height. The shrubs are columnar or low spreading with elongated sprawling branches. The seeds of junipers may be monoecious (having both sexes) or diocious (having separate sexes). The feminine seed cones of juniper are very typical having fleshy, fruit-like combining scales that blend together to form a structure like berries, often 4 mm to 27 mm length having one to twelve wingless seed with hard shells. In some species the berries have a reddish-brown or orange hue, but majority of them have a blue color. The seeds are usually aromatic and may be used in culinary as a spice. The time taken by the juniper seeds to mature differs among the different species – usually ranging from six months to 18 months following pollination.

In fact, juniper essential oil is a necessity for maintaining one’s health in general and every household ought to have a bottle of this oil on their medicine shelf. This natural oil is said to possess astringent, antiseptic, cleansing, diuretic, detoxifying, parasiticidal, anti-spasmodic as well as anti-rheumatic properties. Juniper essential oil often forms an important ingredient in several skin care products. Owing to its antiseptic properties, juniper oil has been traditionally used for ages to clean as well as disinfect wounds and the skin in general. When you add the essential oil extracted from the berries of the juniper shrubs to cleaning water, it sanitizes the home and leaves it sparkling clean with a woodsy aroma.


Historical uses and significance of Juniper berry oil

Juniper berries are not real berries but are the female seed cones produced by many species of Junipers. It is an evergreen shrub that is found growing in the wild and can grow up to a height of 30 feet. Juniper is a native of the European Province, Asian subcontinent and few North American countries including Oregon and Texas. Juniper was the notable symbol of Ashera, the Goddess of Fertility of the Canaanites. The mystical fragrance of Juniper was used as incense by the Scottish and Tibetans to keep away from demons and evil spirits. The first historical use of Juniper berries dates back to the Egyptian Papyrus from 1500 B.C.


Remedial properties and chemical constituents of Juniper berry oil

The notable therapeutic properties of Juniper berry oil are diuretic, energizer, disinfectant, antiseptic, analgesic, carminative, diaphoretic, antibacterial, astringent, anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, depurative, sudorific, vulnerary, tonic, rubefacient, calmative and stimulant. The chemical components contributing to its varied remedial values are sabinene, a-pinene, b-pinene, camphene, myrcene, a-terpinene, a-phellandrene, y-terpinene, b-phellandrene, 1,4-cineole, p-cymene, bornyl acetate, terpinen-4-ol, caryophyllene along with a hint of borneol, limonene, linalool, nerol, linalyl acetate and camphor.

It may be mentioned once again that pure juniper essential oil distilled from the berries of the shrub possesses the aptitude to uplift an individual’s spiritual wakefulness as well as enhance his/ her physical well-being. Summing up, this oil also functions as a common detoxifying agent and a cleanser by eliminating wastes as well as toxins accumulated in the body through augmented urination and perspiration. All these put together make juniper essential oil an effective remedy for skin conditions. This natural oil is really helpful for all types of skin as it helps to open up and cleanse the pores on the skin, making it healthy and youthful.


General properties











Blends well with


clary sage





General uses

all skin disorders







food poisoning

general poor health







lymphatic congestion

nervous exhaustion


oily and open pores

poor circulation

poor memory



rheumatoid arthritis

wounds and sores

painful menstruation


The essential oil extracted from the berries of the evergreen juniper shrubs possesses several therapeutic properties, but it is essential to use this natural oil with great caution. Pregnant women should never use this oil during the initial two trimesters since it has the potential to stimulate the uterine muscles. In addition, juniper essential oil also should not be used by people enduring kidney problems because this oil may invigorate the kidneys. People who are sensitive may experience mild irritation following the use of this natural oil. Like using any other essential oil, one should be extremely cautious while using juniper essential oil and also consult a competent medical professional who is familiar with the use of essential oils.



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