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Lemon Aromatherapy

“Yes! Lemon is the Golden Apple.”


Referred to as ‘Golden Apple’ in the Indian subcontinent, Lemon is a universal remedy for many health disorders and is often called as a panacea for its ability to heal the mind and the body in manifold ways. The essential oil of Lemon is cold pressed from the external rind or peel of the Lemon fruits.

The peels of the lemon fruit yield an essential oil that is regarded by many as the ‘golden gift of the sun’ owing to its aptitude to induce energy and vivacity to the body, mind as well as the soul. As aforementioned, the lemon tree is indigenous to the Asian continent, but presently grows naturally all over the Mediterranean region, especially in Portugal and Spain. In addition to these places, this plant species is widely grown in different tropical regions of the world, especially in California. According to historical records, the ancient Egyptians used lemon essential oil as an antidote to food poisoning as well as treat fever epidemics.

Lemon essential oil is basically multipurpose natural oil that is highly beneficial when used in a diffuser to diminish the consequences of mental exhaustion and lethargy. At the same time, this oil helps to regulate the immune system of the body and its capacity to resist against different diseases. Lemon essential oil is very useful in relieving mental conditions, such as nervous anxiety, confusion and depression. When any one is suffering from any illness or is recuperating, use of this oil brings in optimism, cheerfulness and potency.



According to the Gas chromatography report, Lemon oil constitutes of 5 major chemical components that contribute to its fresh citrusy fragrance, remedial values and distinct quality. Lemon oil is enriched with about 67.6 percent of Limonene constituent, others beta-Pinene, gamma-Terpinene, alpha-Pinene.

The usefulness of lemon essential oil can be demonstrated by the fact that just smelling this oil has the aptitude to clear the mind, enhance memory as well as augment the energy levels. Several people who are using the ‘Master Lemon Cleanse’ are aware of the fact that adding one or two drops to their lemonade drink facilitates in detoxifying their body of wastes and, at the same time, cleanse and alkalize the body more effectively. In order to add essence to water, put a few drops of lemon essential oil in the water. You will be surprised to note that this will not only change your glass of water into a revitalizing drink, but drinking water mixed with lemon essential oil is much more safe compared to compressing the lemon slice that comes along with your glass of water.


General properties

  • antiseptic
  • antiviral
  • bactericidal
  • carminative
  • digestive
  • diuretic
  • fungicidal
  • stimulant
  • stomachic
  • tonic
  • uplifting

Blends well with

  • eucalyptus
  • frankincense
  • geranium
  • juniper
  • lavender
  • roman chamomile
  • rose
  • sandalwood
  • ylang ylang

General uses

  • acne
  • aches
  • anemia
  • arthritis
  • bronchitis
  • catarrh
  • chilblains
  • colds
  • coughs and flu
  • cuts
  • fluid retention
  • gout
  • gum infections
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperacidity of stomach
  • kidney infections / stones
  • mouth and tongue inflammations and ulcers
  • neuralgia
  • oily and open pores
  • pains
  • poor circulation
  • premenstrual tension
  • rheumatism
  • scabies
  • varicose veins



Lemon essential oil has a very short shelf life and, hence, does not keep well for a long period. Therefore, when you are buying this natural oil, always remember to check the manufacturing and expiry dates of the product. At the same time, be careful never to apply old lemon essential oil onto the skin as it may result in acute allergic reactions. People, who are undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer, should avoid using lemon essential oil. As with most essential oils, even lemon essential oil should be used in low concentrations. Hence, it is advisable that you dilute this natural oil obtained from lemon peels adding other suitable essential oils before use.

One ought to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or ultra violet (UV) rays following the application of lemon essential oil on the skin for a period of at least 12 hours. It may be mentioned that all natural oils obtained from citrus plants are highly reactive to sunlight and may result in staining or bruising of the skin when they come in contact with light within 12 hours of application. This natural oil extracted by cold pressing process from lemon peels may prove to be harmful for children and, hence, always keep it out of their reach. At the same time, never use lemon essential oil on infants or babies for it may prove to be detrimental for their health. Also, remember that this natural oil should never be applied on the skin when you are close to any fire, flame, heat or sparks.



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